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See how the LED display is popular in the World Cup sports market

See how the LED display is popular in the World Cup sports market

        In 2018, the World Cup in Russia has entered a stage of white-hot, attracting fans from all over the world, once again set off a wave of national sports, and promoted the development of the sports industry at a high speed. From the LED display screens installed in the large football stadiums such as Krasnodar Arena and Rostov Stadium in Russia, it can be seen that this World Cup is not only the carnival of the fans, but also the growth of the sports industry. Manufacturers have brought huge market demand.


        In addition, in addition to its wide application in football stadiums, LED display screens have long been active in the construction of major international competition venues such as the Basketball World Cup and the Table Tennis Asian Championship. During the game, the LED display can not only bring slowness to the audience. Action playback, athlete introduction and other exciting events screens, you can also play the player's game scores and specific points of loss. What is more worth mentioning is that ice and snow sports are now popular, and the world is vigorously building ski resorts. Whether it is security protection system, information release system, video display promotion, or stage performance, infrastructure construction is closely related to LED display. Bringing huge market demand for it. It can be seen that LED display has become an indispensable part of the construction of various sports venues. Its existence not only makes the audience more convenient to obtain information, enhances the fairness of the competition, reduces unnecessary conflicts, but also becomes the stadium. A beautiful landscape complements the sporting event.

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